Blue Herbal

Banish breakouts with our potent solutions for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

  • Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

    Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

    Say goodbye to blemishes with Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment. Formulated with Salicylic Acid, it targets acne and prevents future breakouts. Shop now!

  • Blue Herbal Blemish Cleanser Treatment

    Blue Herbal Blemish Cleanser Treatment

    Clear up acne-prone skin with Kiehl's Blue Herbal Blemish Cleanser Treatment. This foaming cleanser helps to unclog pores & prevent future breakouts. Shop now!
  • Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

    Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

    Revitalize and refresh oily skin with Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. Balance and soothe with this targeted, alcohol-free formula. Buy now!