Magic Elixir: Hair Reconstructing Concentrate with Rosemary Leaf and Avocado Oils


A potent concentration of natural oils for shiny, healthy hair



  • Immediately restores moisture balance to scalp and hair
  • Improves manageability of hair
  • Softens hair and boosts hair’s natural shine
  • For all hair & scalp types

Application Tips

  • Apply a small amount to fingertips or directly onto dry scalp and hair using dispensing tip before shampooing
  • Massage formula throughout scalp in circular motion
  • Wait ten minutes for maximum benefits
  • Rinse thoroughly or shampoo
  • Use regularly to maintain hair health


Rosemary Oil
Rosemary Oil, extracted from the leaf of the Rosemary plant, contains a variety of Amino Acids, Caffaic Acid, Rosemary Acid and Apigenen. It has been shown to contain strong antioxidant activity. It is also utilized for its fragrance in a wide variety of skin care products.

Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil, derived from the fruit of a tropical American tree, is a rich, fatty-acid emollient known to be the most moisturizing of any fruit oil. It is also a natural source of amino acid proteins, Vitamins A, D, E and Potassium.

Safflower Oil
Safflower Oil, extracted from the plant’s seeds, consists primarily of linoleic acid triglycerides. It is a carrier oil, also considered hydrating to the skin and used in lotions and conditioners.


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